There are a number of factors related to safety and success in performing a procedure in plastic surgery. It is an essential factor to look for a qualified professional, who is subjected to a strict code of ethics and a professional conduct, capable to understands the complaint of the patient, and who is trained and updated, with the domain of classical and modern techniques.
The minimum time of formation of a plastic surgeon in Brazil comprises the medical education, two years of medical residency in general surgery and three years of residency in plastic surgery, followed by obtaining the title of specialist, which is obtained through achievement of specific proof.
The risks of the procedure must always be widely discussed and explained before it performs. The precise details of the procedure depends on the respect for the technical limits, a good dialogue, and the realistic expectation about the possible outcomes. So it is crucial to understand the motivation that led to surgery, specifying all aspects, advantages and disadvantages, clearly and honestly. The procedures in plastic surgery are not permanent, as the human body is in constant process of change over time. It is also important, in the case of elective surgery (like most procedures in plastic surgery), to perform the surgery in good physical and mental moment.
Professionalism, safety, and responsibility are the principles, adopted by Dr. Victor Tejada, as the search for knowledge, and the respect for the established techniques of plastic surgery as well. Surgical procedures are performed only in hospitals, with the essential elements to patient safety in plastic surgery, with clinical support, equipment, and intensive care unit.
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